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Curriculum Overview
The Father has a DREAM for each one of His Children to walk into.

Sadly, many believers in Christ NEVER discover what this Dream is.

Many live from a place of feeling STUCK.

Yes, they Love the Lord, BUT
They feel like something is MISSING.

They are LONGING to be used by God to fulfill their Purpose In Life.
For the past 3 years, we've done elaborate research exploring why so many people SETTLE.

We Partnered with Christian College Houghton, and their Consulting Group for all of 2018 to Uncover Why so many individuals Lack Passion and Drive.
DaMar and the Houghton Business Consulting Group at Houghton College in NY.
Our research brought us to 3 Staggering Conclusions:
Conclusion #1
70% of Americans don't feel satisfied with their career choices. This leads to elevated levels of Depression, Divorce, Sickness and Overeating.
Conclusion #2
2/3's of all U.S. employees have regrets about their Advanced Degrees. Mainly because of the Student loan debt that totals $33,000/student and a total of $1.6 trillion. 
Conclusion #3
A study of over 200,000 public sector employees found that people are much more likely to enjoy what they do if the focus is on actually doing what they Love.

We believe that The Body of Christ walking in its True Identity as Sons and Daughters of The Living God is the Answer!

When we know who we are, we can in turn Serve our 
Neighbors and Communities and help them function as they were 
originally intended to.

We Created the Dreamers Inc. Academy
to Mentor, Train and Equip
Believers in Christ 
to Identify and Pursue their
God-Given Destiny, Dreams and Desires

The Unstoppable Curriculum 
is one of the two courses we offer.

These courses are
Christ-Centered and Kingdom Principled. 

The 1st Class in the Unstoppable Curriculum is:
Inspire, Invest, Impact
Extensive Biblical Studies on Purpose
with DaMar Dowell
Who is DaMar Dowell?
At 26, years old, DaMar decided to take a risk. After much prayer and Pastoral guidance, He left his great paying job in Social Work and pursued His Dream. Amid the difficulties of such a transition, The Lord guided his every step. Because of this bold action, DaMar and his wife Carissa put themselves in the position to Co-Found the Dreamers Inc. Academy. 

Not only is DaMar a prolific Worship Leader, he is also a dynamic speaker and teacher. He has been invited to lead and preach at conferences at houses of worship across the country.

DaMar has been prophesied over by some of the largest names in the Body of Christ including Bob Hazlett, Sean Smith, Benny Hinn, Justin & Jessica Collins and several others. He's likewise had the privilege of getting 1-on-1 and intimate tutelage from the likes of Kris Vallotton, Kristene DiMarco and Brian Johnson

DaMar has taken those words and wisdom and put feet to His Faith. Over the past 7 years he has frequently shared the gospel through Prophetic Ministry and Evangelism seeing countless Signs, Wonders and Miracles done by the Mighty Hand of God. DaMar is most passionate about people coming into the realization of the Dream that God has for them.
What to expect in the class:
King David was anointed and appointed to be King of Israel. No matter how hard the enemy tried to stop David, it couldn't happen. This is because David knew The God of the Angel Armies was with Him. When we KNOW that The Lord is with us, we will truly live UNSTOPPABLE! These Kingdom Principles and more will be learned in Inspire, Invest, Impact
Inspire - 8 Trainings
In Inspire You will dig deep to find the gold within. God has a dream for YOU that must be discovered and partnered with. Only from here can we truly live and not just exist.
Invest - 8 Trainings
In Invest You will discover who God's biggest investment is; YOU! From this place we are able to go forward and invest in our neighbors and communities.
Impact - 8 Trainings
In Impact Your mind will be renewed to the reality that we are called to bring Heaven to Earth in each of our own unique spheres of influence. Here YOU will gain confidence and insight into the statement "the increase of His (Jesus) government will know no end!"
The 2nd Class in the Curriculum is:
Who is John Cammarano?
John A. Cammarano started his career with AAG as a registered representative in 1994 and has been successfully serving clients for the past two decades. He attended the University at Buffalo, where he majored in accounting and business management. 

John has received numerous local, regional and industry awards for his high levels of production and excellence in client service. Since 1998, he has qualified annually for Leader's Club and the financial industry's more prestigious group, The Million Dollar Roundtable, and has achieved the higher level of Court of the Table since 2004. John has also been an Equity Master's Winner since 1999 and appears regularly on WDCX, TCT Television and the Buffalo News.  

At the agency level, John has been recognized as an equity business leader since 2008 and the number one top quality producer since 2006. 

John credits his success to devoting his time, passion and energy to living his Worthy Ideal, which is to "Inspire and educate professionals and entrepreneurs to achieve their maximum life potentials both financially and consciously so they can accomplish their true desires and live lives of significance and purpose." 

Outside the office, John is a member of the Buffalo Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (BAIFA), the Men's Leadership Team at the Chapel at Crosspoint, AFA, PTC and the Let Them LOL Ministry to Sierra Leone. He has authored the book Sowing Seeds of Wealth* and is a Life Success and Business Development Coach with Empowered Mastery Consultants. 

John has been a lifetime resident of WNY and lives in Clarence with his wife and two daughters. 
Start, Succeed, Sustain
Financial Independence Training + Biblical Life & Success Coaching
with John Cammarano
What to expect in the class:
In order for the church to help usher in the Reformation and Revival we long for, our mindset towards Wealth and Finances has to shift. Like in the Book of Acts, we too can live from a place of extravagant generosity! These principles and more will be learned in Start, Succeed , Sustain
 Start - 8 Trainings
In Start YOU will begin the process of renewing your mind to the reality that God wants you to prosper. This is a process that begins on the inside first.
 Succeed - 8 Trainings
In Succeed you will discover the knowledge and wisdom needed to become successful in your finances. Here, YOU will be invigorated to become all that The Father wants you to be!
 Sustain - 8 Trainings
In Sustain You will learn life changing principles that will help bring financial independence and long tern sustainability within your finances. Here, YOU will be equipped to be the blessing that God wants you to be.
Make the Life Changing decision to Invest into Your Destiny!
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is packed with 48 in-depth Trainings and Teachings!
This Membership also comes with these AMAZING BONUSES
8 Trainings and Teachings 
with Justin and Jessica Collins
4 Inspire Lessons w/ Jessica Collins
  • In these lessons, You will learn why knowing your identity and rejecting the Orphan Spirit are important keys to Fulfilling Your Destiny.
4 Impact lessons w/ Justin Collins
  • In these lessons You will learn why a theological shift about the end times is needed in order for the church to make an Impact that will last for generations to come.
3-D Dreams, Desires and Destiny 
Training and Checklist
with The Dreamers Inc. Academy Team
Recorded Live at a Dreamers Inc. Academy Gathering
  • In this Training, you will discover where you are on your journey to fulfilling God's Dream for you.
4 Trainings and Teachings 
with Demeris Johnson
4 Invest Lessons
  • In these lessons You will learn why becoming all that God calls us to starts with understanding His heart for our growth and development.
Devotionals and PDF's to Accompany 
Every Teaching and Training
  • Complete with Key Points and Reflections to implement on over the week.
Weekly Live Facebook Private Group Sessions
  • A time to hear fresh revelation from DaMar, John and other special guests.
  • Get questions answered live!
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